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Network Attached Storage is a device placed on your local network that allows clients to access, backup, and share files as well as serve as a private cloud.

Sanity LLC installs NAS devices on home and small business networks allowing clients to access, backup, recover, collaborate, and share files as well as serve as a private cloud - while providing security and privacy.

What is Network Attached Storage?

A NAS allows files to be accessed, archived, backed-up, stored, and shared with others.

What types of Network Attached Storage are there?

Network Attached Storage comes in two primary formats: a purpose-built specialized computer or a dedicated network device.

Backup and Recovery

A can be used to store copies of computer system installs that can be used to restore a computer to a functional version of itself in the event of malware. Each computer can have a recovery images safely stored and ready for access.

Accidentally deleted files can be recovered from the Network Attached Storage, if it is configured for that purpose.


Network Attached Storage facilitates the sharing of files to specified members of a team or family members. For example, a business owner can share their Quickbooks files with their accountant, or a husband and wife can share their personal photos amongst themselves, while their children do not have access to them.

Private Cloud

Many NAS allow users to create an online personal private cloud that connects directly to smart phones and other connected devices, removing the need to subscribe to an online vendor. This offers the immediate benefits of privacy and security as some vendors (i.e. Microsoft and Google) have publicly stated they mine personal files for information to sell to marketers.

NAS can also be used to store local copies of files from Onedrive, DropBox, Box, Google Drive, and other online cloud services. It can also feed encrypted versions of files to those same services.


Network Attached Storage allows for redundant and offsite storage of critical files, such as images, photographs, documents, settings, and digitized legal papers.


NAS can typically be configured to store dozens of versions of the same file, allowing the owner to access any distinct version of the file.

Photographers, authors, web designers, and others can use Network Attached Storage to keep their copies safe and away from their computer. For example, our owner has over 42,000 photos in an Adobe Lightroom catalog, which is copied and backed up to the a NAS.

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