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Web site design involves both the client and the web site design team working together to satisfy the needs of the web site project.

Sanity LLC designs responsive web sites according to the client's goals and objectives that may lean towards functionality or presentation.

Web site design is a broad term covering many different skills and disciplines that are used in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include: web graphic design, interface design, authoring; including standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization. Often many individuals will work in teams covering different aspects of the design process, although some designers will cover them all.


Web site design involves both the client and the web site design team working together to satisfy the needs of the web site project. Both have very important rolls that need to be understood to help the web design process to go as smooth and quickly as possible.

Client's roll in web site design

The Client describes what is to be accomplished by the web site to the web design team and provides information and materials needed to develop the web site.

Typically, clients are not sure of all the benefits of having a web site designed for them or how best to incorporate it into their daily operations. This is why we usually ask the clients to start with a 8-page package to get an overall understanding of a layout of their web site, and give them the opportunity to "see" how it can be grown into a very integral and prosperous aspect of their company.

Sanity LLC's Web Design Roll

The web design team considers the best possible web site solution for the client. Also, keeping the client up to date on progress of the web site project, and involving the client in the web site development process.

We would also like to take a minute to mention that we do not work on adult oriented web sites, or an any web sites which contain illegal or questionable content.

Choosing a domain name

This is arguably the hardest phase of conceptualization for a web design project and is the first opportunity for the web design team to interact with our clients. Here are some things we try to keep in mind when choosing a domain name:

  1. Your domain name is the first impression
  2. Keep it on the topic of what the web site it about
  3. Keep the name as short as possible
  4. Use your company, product, industry, or trademark name
  5. Does it "explain" the purpose of your web site?
  6. Is the domain name easy to remember?
  7. Can the spelling be confused? (such as 2, to, two, too)
  8. Most importantly: keep it as simple as possible

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